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Using copy and paste these lyrics can be moved around and printed out. Please consider using recycled paper if printing them. I did not include my lyrics in CD packaging in order to conserve paper/resources. The reason the lyrics are listed under months like this is because that is how this free, easy to set up blog site is structured. I must warn you that this album intro is cursed. And now, by coming here you too are cursed. The only way to rid yourself of this curse is to get all the other CDs I have put out (Tha People's Music & Tha Civil Rights Movement Parts I & II). As for me, there is no hope and I am cursed to continue writing lyrics and album intros.

THA MIS-EDUCATION OF THE MASSES was printed on recycled paper board and the plastic trays holding the CDs were made from 100% recycled soda bottles.

On this CD I sought out to make the same types of points about equality, human rights, and social justice that I had made on my previous CD releases. However, this time around I wanted listeners to have a more balanced and enjoyable experience. I wanted to make people feel introspective, angry, and motivated again, but I also felt it was important to make people smile and laugh and to make people feel entertained. Jokes, sarcasm, riddles, and lots of metaphors were some of the elements I focused on to bring new things to the table then I had on my previous CDs. Additionally, music wise, I wanted to employ an international, and extremely diverse array of beats (from reggaeton, to flutes, to international percussion, to rock, and more).

Thanks for taking the time to check out my lyrics here at this site. I always appreciate feedback on my music and lyrics, so if you have any, I always read anything sent to


Tha Truth

The Function of Poverty

In this nation – they have a problem with coffee in moderation
Dietary moderation can be key to your duration
(Now) On minimum wage you really can’t be surivin
(while) – Nicholas Cage literally is out buyin islands
the only function of poverty – it bothers me - - -
- - is to keep the rich rich and satisfy their greed
while deprivin other people of their basic livin needs
- these – people most seem to lack the means
they too selfish to care about people livin their bad dreams
imagine if people stopped buyin jewelry
and gave that money to those not thrivin in the community
- wait a minute - - you still think the system is workin?
- just ask someone who isn’t – they say they tryin to cure cancer
spending billions I read –we not treatin the preventable
disease of selfish greed - when did sharing become bad
and greed become the dream? – I believe – it was when
those who claimed the land began- tryin to tell us what to read
…. And not to question what you read…

Charity and philanthropy – Dr. King said that these acts are problematic – when they don’t address the reasons
why it needs to get enacted – we don’t need charity
what we need to see is working class solidarity (HOOK 1)

Jails a slave labor force – why you think they don’t want
the drug laws off course? – - they teach legends
like that slavery ended – - but the 13th amendment
it said it’s over unless you get convicted of a crime
if you in prison they can work you all day for a dime
and the poor can’t afford the right lawyer in a bind
the type that can free you at the trial from the time
justice ain’t blind it’s got an eye for the rich
who’s inclined to go free – while the poor adorn jails
for sellin and smoking weed – you for the drug war
(that’s war) on the poor – but the poor don’t own planes
that fly it into the community – the hood don’t make guns
gun makers get immunity - - Harriet Tubman said
this in her days – I could’a freed a thousand more
who didn’t know they were slaves – capitalism
are you happy wit the system? – they try to excuse it acts of

Hook 1

Metaphorically I’m like a metaphor without comparison
Few can afford 99 Fords like Harrison
- sneakers make how they sneakin’ slave labor
corporations - pollute - the air they do it major
they can afford the fines they’re gave now or later
there’s another way for them to pay for misbehavior
takin away their power and bringin it to the people (“tell ‘em”)
- - - - in a new system where greed is illegal
- they only give us a job if it makes their pockets fatter
they don’t give us no jobs to solve the problems that matter
- - - - - they say Barack O’ BOMB is the man
but he’s down wit the program – that’s why he sends drones in
to - bomb Pakistan – two parties with one plan
the man – wanna keep us - under an old rule
the golden rule – where he who has the gold makes the rules
we don’t need his charity – he wanna give us charity but

(Hook 1)

Po – ver – ty – it’s not civilized – yeah – pov – er- ty
We can’t have this in our lives – yeah – pov – er – ty (HOOK 2)

We can’t rely on the authorities to fix the problems
For the majority they usually are the cause of them
The eradication – of the root cause of poverty
People like you and me could get it fixed properly
It’s up to us in solidarity to make a better system
Im’a give you a glimpse of it now if you listen
picture this system – it’s replacement
wit workers controlling –their own work places
people of all ages work in cooperation
all people have jobs for needs not for profit
a time no more culture of violence cause we stopped it
we in bliss – cause poverty no longer exists
technology helps all and not just the rich
our work benefits the whole community where we stay
we all have a real say on the issues of the day
we have plenty of time for play and time to get away


Together we could make it happen…

Get - in – volved – we all could be doin a lot more

This ain't just about being able to sit at the lunch counter
this is about everybody bein able to afford the lunch

Thank you to all my people who fight the system
Thank you for listenin
Thank you for supporting independent hip hop

Rebel Music

I used to rap like the rest - and what I said was trivial
I Got amnesia on purpose – to make - my thoughts original
- - - it takes more than practice to be a rhymer
if practice makes perfect how you explain taxi drivers?
- I explain – cause my thoughts are never little like Wayne
I got a game for The Game – to see if he can try to articulate
And explain – cause he got the way he was from his pain
From the ghetto where he was raised – his raps glorify wit praise
- contradiction in his ways – we need to raise how the ghetto
is maintained – cause poverty wage keeps a lot of us in chains
they always talk about the holocaust in class in history
but why they leave the middle passage out
where 50 million was killed is a mystery – the solution –
watch Prelude to Revolution with Huey Newton –
truth he’s shootin – more than Tracy McGrady did
in Houston - - - the right’s contradictions are rife
they say they don’t want government - healthcare in their life
but want the courts to decide if they have an abortion or a life
- don’t hate yourself in the morning – sleep till noon see what it’s like

- - They sellin it - - most music ya hear is irrelevant
- - - - - music I wanna hear is rebellious
- I keep makin it – they keep on fakin it
- music they make based on what they corporation is (HOOK)

T.O’s verse

Strange days we’re living in Games played for dividends
Main wages given for a day’s labor are pityful
The plain face of capitalistic namesakes
& paid capers, but back to statistics
Make haste and start crashing the system
Make way before the atlas’ existence is laid to waste
Boycott corporations like GE and corporate Masons
Force them to cave in, and be freed from their awkward patrons
Make them face all the laws that they’re breaking
We need to make a conscious statement
Please heed it, & stop dressing for fame’s sake
Don’t be heathens stressing to make paper
Free trees, breathe the vapors & be freed from the Matrix
Don’t eat meat, beings are sacred, eat greens
Eat the basics, eat beans, don’t eat bacon
Keep dreaming and make it Don’t be heeding the fakeness
Don’t be scheming for greatness Just believe & escape this

- - Repetitive - - most of the music ya hear is negative
- - - - - music I wanna hear is intelligent (OP on Hook)

- I keep makin it – they keep on fakin it
- music they make based on what they corporation is (Truth)

OP (aka Optimus of Foundation Movement Verse)

I’m like Huey – Bobby Seale – and little Bobby Hutton
Self-determination strapped on the streets of Oakland
Law book in my hands – I swear to tell the whole truth
My city under siege by military and police troops
Nowhere to move got me searching for alternate routes
Lock me up – call me Assata – I’m fleein to Cuba
Politic wit Nehanda strategize maneuvers
Independent thinking spirit of Patrice Lumumba
You can murder me can’t murder Revolution
Fred Hampton Optimus true rebel musician
Voice of the Voiceless I want the world to listen
Solitary can’t confine this mind I was given
Rest in Peace Howard Zinn your life was a blessing
People been ignored – constitution’s need amending
And I’m a patriot stating government dissention
Cause we writers and we fighters bringin it attention

like Jeremy Sca- hill - - I display truth at will
that I don - - like he does at Rebel Reports .
Com – where you can see the evidence – that attrocities
Under Obama’s justice department is prevalent and malevolent
They claim life for women in the middle east in scary
But in the US 1 in 3 women is raped in the military –
misbehavior wit Blackwater is major
- it’s not a lie – they identify as neo crusaders
- who wanna wipe out Islam – by bombs from the sky
- US policy’s torture and justifies genocide
You wanna put a stop to that or do you want a new ride?
Bush and Obama ain’t the baddest – just the face
of hundreds of years Of this madness - - when I rap
I don’t do this for status They sellin you – -
you can get whatever you wanna get - What they
haven’t said’s - when you get it - that you’re set up in debt
- I haven’t wept – I’ve kept makin Rebel music that objects

Justice is So Boring

When it matters I don’t slack I get down and do it
Always wanted to procrastinate never got around to it
- One day I felt bizarre – - I put a sign on my ride
-- unmarked police car – - don’t you wanna be a star?
- I’d love that situation - - cause they’re so happy with
the drug rehabilitation - - - fame can be evil
- be like King – start marchin in the streets with the people
- - Abbie Hoffman said - - if voting made change
they’d make it illegal - - no wealth is buyin me
it’s not healthy to be well adjusted to a sick society
- the planets getting cracked by a whole lotta factors
- the only time I’m well adjusted’s is at the chiropractor’s
- Dead Prez said - wealth is good health and wise ways
So I’ll be Mr. Miyagi when I’m older with my days
People - like me - on MTV - they have us soundin like
(silence) -----------------------------------------------
- it seems bein green’s the birth of a new fad
- but people like me was green before the birth of your dad
your value’s who you help – never drew from what you have

justice is so borin the way a lot a teachers teach
they not makin it unique not relatin when they speak
unleashed – bit my arm to be arm(ed) to the teach
with creativity that’s always in my arm’s reach (HOOK)

- I can be scary with the pen – I was the next door
kid’s imaginary friend – Fred said my content
is sad and that hurts – I’m gonna start thinking positive
though I know it won’t work - - - my last C – D
was at times depressin – so chose sarcasm
to get my message to address ‘em – plus I love to laugh
life is short like most fame – like my height – and my patience
let me explain – I’m insane – my ideas are never plain
- on all my CDs I give advice man I’ve tried
like never go to a doctor whose office plants have died
- invent a car horn that says I’m sorry how I drive
- - most people are all talk – would a fly without wings - -
be called a walk? – if a parsley farmer’s sued
can they garnish his wages? – outrageous – my mind’s full
- - they always say – anything is possi – bull
it is - if you don’t know - what you’re talkin about

I got a lot a questions always have a little more
I asked my history teacher how you could have a civil war
- It’s not who wins or loses – it’s who’s keeping score
who announces who wins the elections matters more
I take mental vacations – have you ever had a chance to
imagine a world without hypothetical situations?
at my first protest I grabbed the mic and said loud
– what do we want? we want patience
when do we want it? – we want it now
mainstream labels want rappers like me soundin like
----------- (silence) ------------------------------
- One time I thought I was a failure but I agreed
To see greed is a mess – and I redefined success
Livin unbalanced lives of excess – that’s depressed
When suppressed – and they might even admit if they pressed
- I think words I choose could confuse you a lot
- this statement is true – the previous statement was not
- my writing is precise – my sense of humor is nice
I had amnesia once – but – maybe it was twice?

Seeing Thru Illusions


This one is dedicated to Mumia, The Move 9, The Cuban 5
(los Cinco Cubanos). The Angola 3, and all political prisoners.
And to those currently livin on Native reservations like Pine Ridge
Even though it’s like a 3rd world country - right in the US -
these conditions are so blatantly ignored by the masses.

We got a president representin a complexion to people
Appearance doesn’t measure if your intentions are evil
in other countries the leaders have been many shades of brown
but a lot were corrupt and never turned it around
In sports and rap – they wanna get signed to contracts
That own ya – like slavery – back then we had owners
They say if you play hurt – and how much you play that night
And if you rap – they control what you say on the mic
You think players are rich? How rich do you have to be
To own another human being? Can’t believe what Im seeing
Every day on this earth – they tell us market ourselves
The meat market it hurts – - - they – target people
And symptoms it bothers me – how they don’t wanna heal
The condition of poverty – that would be a real solution
- And until we do it they’ll never kill the revolution
We keep movin underground sound Tubman distribution
Hablo verdad solamente – (I speak the Truth only)
todas las palabras Son para la gente (all words are for the people)
– contra los presidentes (against the presidents)

was gonna say muthaf**ka so you ignorant muthaf**kas‘s would hear me
but then my teachers who play my music in class would fear me
- spreadin Truth’s the first step on the path to solutions
- - I pass it to you – to see thru - - the illusions (HOOK)

In capitalism the competition is sad
steppin on each other’s necks like a barrel of crabs
- we - write – resumes - to sell ourselves as commodities
to bosses who pay us just as little as possibly
we’re property – to them – what the work force is
they call us human resources – use us up and find more
like the oil we die for – like soldiers they hire
to go die in the war – - - - you’ll find they hide more
- - the truth about history – - no mystery (echo space)
- - looked up Wounded Knee – it’s convincing me (echo space)
Revolution – they say we have freedom what we have is
An illusion – they’re free to make dams – take the land
And collusion – free to make up evidence on those
who have solutions – free to shoot first - weapons blast
- they’re free - to ask questions last – they’re free
to put chemicals in the food - we consume –free
to make weapons and sell them to who they choose - free
to change their minds – and shoot at former allies - free
to build prisons and put us in to do time –
the authorities stay free - unaccountable for crimes

That’s what they really mean when they say that we’re free

They never rectified stealin land from the Natives
They never rectified the African’s enslavement
They’ll never rectify how they cause poverty
Charity won’t stop a deep stab that still bleeds


From the US to Canada The new rich are scamming us
With blueprints to famish us This nuisance is scandalous
They say Native reservations were made for the preservation of races
But they were made for segregation and racism
The water's contaminated They order us vaccinated
to slaughter & mass grave us They wanna trap and enslave us
The prisons are overpacked and sadistic They close the gap with statistics
Western prisons' 95% of Indians I guess the System blindly thrives on Simians
Bootleg cigarettes and liquor's what were given
Infected blanket statements & a blank state of living
Who begs for bigger checks? Bicker for dividends
While biggots threaten to split us into splintered villages
Pillage us, our lands and graves, saying we stand afraid
But we stay in Bands and Nations Pray for emancipation

man's elation While they waive the demands we're making
in treaties, waivers and disclaimers We ban their hatred
while they displace us But we plan to face them and
their disgraces, sick racists - Damn your patrons
and the lands you've taken

It’s still a war on the natives – still a disgrace and
most - don’t - know - - what we facin - On the Native
Reservation - - - - Pine Ridge still the same situation – mascots still degradation

Friday, April 9, 2010

Medicare For All

Okay now when I say, ‘The system needs to fall”
Y’all say, “Free Healthcare for All”
Let’s Try it… (okay, okay)
The System needs to fall – free healthcare for all
The System needs to fall – free healthcare for all

They say medicare for all is too high – too expensive
But spend 100 times more on building military weapons
There’s always money for war and weapons of destruction
- When priorities are whacked- it smacks of – dys- function
-- The majority of people support free healthcare
So when callin this a democracy – beware – it’s not fair
- The only ones who gain from this scam as it stands
Are the health insurance companies who profit from their plans
- they profit from denyin care you need for surviving
and it’s thrivin – in AETNA - - Cigna, and Blue Cross
- in their profit over people where life’s the true cost
- unrighteous practice cause all life is priceless
- people die when denied - and we rise to fight this
- 45 thousand a year die from the lack of it
don’t wait till it’s your fam to start to act as an activist
- Europe and Canada have free medicine and practice this

This system needs to fall – free healthcare for all (HOOK)

You might think your plan from your job has you covered
But if you get laid off – the costs could take you under (true)
- if the government don’t want it and they wanna take a stand
then we demand they give up their government health plan
we don’t have it they shouldn’t – they ‘sposed to represent the people
we don’t have it – they don’t have it – we demand to be equal
all of us created as one human family in equality
- so why do we let them get away with high robbery
- - - In Great Britain they don’t understand our plight
- they got a lotta problems but for care it’s not a fight
- it’s like you need to pick a side – are you for human rights?
- or are you for profit – cause I’m askin what’s your type
- Pick a side – arise – King said – this – in his prime
The tragedy’s not the few who destroyed in our time
- - But the vast majority who sat idly by
- they call it socialized medicine – those that don’t want it
get no medicare benefits – the companies who benefit
from the system we presented wit – should be locked in a room
with a family where it’s evident that there brederen is dead from it
in a way that’d be justice for the people that’s preventin it

50 million people have no plan we at risk
Our national health- care plan lacks – don’t get sick
The best scientists (they) probably coulda cured cancer
But they’re too busy exploring impotence to get the answer
- health’s not just about relief but prevention
you need to quarantine any toxins when they spreadin
so I’m waitin for Coke, McDonalds and Pepsi to get arrested
it’s immoral & it’s legal what they sellin to the people
at Friendly’s – KFC – Taco Bell – and Mickey D’s
they sell obesity – it needs to be unlocked – the undecency
- healthcare – companies – profit – when we eatin these
they say illegal drugs are like the devil evil
but check side effects of pills prescribed to your people
I want chlorophyll – probiotics – aloe vera man it’s true
Don’t get the vaccinations that they back for the flu
Learn about real health – organics and G M Os
Cause they want us getting sick to pay them H M Os
The most healthy foods – it sucks they so expensive
Like they try to kill the poor slow by sellin us inventions
- - Kill the poor slow by food we digestin
what’s worth more than real food that’s prevention?
Real wealth is health – real food needs your attention
- - - E W G . org deserves a mention
the Meatrix. Com makes you laugh with intentions

La Verdad (Tha Truth)
Quien Contra Mi? (Who against me?)
Hablo solo la verdad (I speak Only Tha Truth)
Es todo (That’s all)
Quiero igualdad (I Want Equality)
No mas capitalismo (No more capitalism)
No Mas racismo (No more racism)
No Mas homophobia (No more homophobia)
La Lucha continua (The struggle continues…)
Si se Puede (Yes we can)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Crimes in Palestine

INTRO & OUTRO ft. Anna Baltzer (AnnaInTheMiddleEast.Com)

Jewish people deserve human rights, just as all people do. But that state of Israel has no right to rob, oppress, and slaughter Palestinians. Everything Israel does they say they do it for security… Anna, tell ‘em what you think about that...

It’s not antisemetic – opposing government policies
Known to be pathetic – check it – the government
Doesn’t represent the people – many Israeli activists
Yell the government is evil – crusades wit modern weapons
They keep makin sequels – it’s apartheid – you find
Walls of separation – they use to keep Arabs out
Of the Jewish nation - - but people on both sides
Oppose the situation – you’d never know it from the
Mass media – lies they spread it – and censor it
(censor it echo) – I seek media that’s independent
cause the government uses the news to spread their views
it’s their spin – and they profit off battles that they win
what would you do if you were born in Palestine
and had no way to leave and saw bombs in the sky
would you fight back or sit and watch your family members die
- why - - - - is Israel unaccountable for crimes?

They censored Anna Baltzer goin on the Daily Show
they lie and hide - those crimes we need to know
- our taxes fund 7 million dollars given daily
for building weapons used by the Israeli military (HOOK)

It’s not about – the bible or Quran when they bomb
It’s about the sickness – the greed for the riches
The government doesn’t represent the people or their interests
So the people got re-act with actions to flip this
To witness an end to oppression wit quickness
They do it for democracy? – that’s just a mockery
Like writin the constitution ownin slaves on they property
They aim to brain wash – by usin their media
To blame it all on Hamas – like when they blamed the Indians
- - They called em militants – do some due dillegence
history is written by who had the biggest weapons
history’s his – story – and how his lies spreaded
the media’s his tool to keep us fools that’s distracted
for truth – we buy bombs – it’s a con payin taxes
security – or isn’t it – starving Palestinians
many Jews admittin it – their government commitin it

They say it’s separation of church and state but wait
They created a Jewish state – in 1948
But they placed it in a land that was ran by Palestine
Brittain didn’t care about the Arabs there that died
They conquered it – people lived there man it was monsterous
Think what this country did – when Brittain was on top of it
- we need a one state solution – a people’s revolution
refuting the division of livin in separation
for ethnic relations that only spells devestation
man have a revelation – we all humans that’s the same an’
no group is prominent – no group should be dominant
- slave trade attrocities –were just as bad or worse
as the curse of the Nazis – you can’t have democracy
created by attrocities – it’s (that’s) hypocrisy (echo) - - -
of livin in a theocracy – - - - it’s apartheid
and they value Jewish lives over Arabs when they die